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Have you even dream working in heaven??? Get your chance now! HotelBrain is looking for the personell that will be next year’s man power in our managed hotels. More specifically, HotelBrain is looking for: General Managers, LOCATION: Greek Islands POSITION SUMMARY: The ideal candidate should have knowledge and understanding of budgeting, supervising and controlling. Constant co operation with the Management Company will require from the applicant to be able to comply with the Company’s standards. He/she should motivate and inspire his/her colleagues and be responsible for the both the well being of the guests and the product. POSITION REQUIREMENTS: 3 years minimum experience as a Hotel Manager in a Luxurious Boutique Hotel Excellent command of the English language and Greek Language Computer Literacy Hospitality Degree Well groomed with strong interpersonal skills POSITION DUTIES: Appliance of the operational budget Procedures control Compliance to the applied laws of the Greek State Human Resources supervision and controlling Attention to the detail Maintaining the Company’s operational and service standards Should you wish to be a member of our team, please send us your CV at All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence


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