UP Greek Tourism 11

Up Greek Tourism new crowdfunding project is starting on December 3rd2012! The goal this time is to gather funds for a new UP Greek Tourism billboard on Picadilly Circus, London!

As Up Greek Tourism team explains: «We chose this advertising board, which lights up the corner between Shaftesbury Avenue and Glasshouse Street, as it is the closest thing London has to New York’s Times Square. Advertising experts estimate that it catches the eyes of around 56 million people a year. Electronic signs first began appearing at the site in 1908, when water company Perrier lit up their advert. Sanyo added their logo to the corner space in the late Seventies, alongside companies such as BP, Skol and Coca Cola»

And the promise: «Soon the media will be talking about UP Greek Tourism (for the third time)

Plan: funding period throughout December and advertising campaign in February 2013

The creative message will remind London residents about the beauties of Greece as a holiday destination and ask them to visit Greece this summer


Managed by Greeks around the world on a voluntary basis, Up Greek Tourism is a private initiative aiming to promote Greece as a touristic destination. With no budget or hired professionals and using Loudsauce as its platform, we have already completed two projects in New York City and Washington DC and we are about to launch our third one in London. Our campaigns are promoted mainly via social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The main objective of the ‘UP Greek Tourism’ campaign is to promote Greek tourism abroad in two ways: directly, through the outdoor advertising campaign, and indirectly through the word of mouth created through traditional and social media who will re-produce the campaign. Additionally we hope to inspire Greeks to think of innovative personal initiatives to help the Greek economy and we also want to demonstrate to the world that Greek people remain an innovative, resilient and hospitable nation.


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