Within the celebration of the European Music Day, which is celebrated every year on June 21st, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the State Orchestra, the Concert Hall and the University of Macedonia are organizing a varied program of events in various parts of the city, from morning until late at night.
After the event at the Concert Hall (21:00), the Cultural Line OASTH will transfer, without fee, the attendees, at the Trigonion Tower, where the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki concert will close the events in the European Music Day.

The “Music Day” was first celebrated in 1982 in Paris, at the initiative of the Minister of Culture of France, Jacques Lang. Since 1985 the celebration has spread and Athens as European Capital of Culture was the first city outside France, which held the Festival of Music. Within a few years, the “Music Day” became a annual event of a major European cultural event which takes place on 21st of June in more than 22 countries, from Ireland to Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries to Cyprus.


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