Accor marks 1000th Ibis with Amazon bed expedition

                        The Sweet Bed by IbisTM on top of the Devil’s Mountain, Brazil.

Accor celebrated the opening of its 1000th Ibis hotel by challenging an adventurer to sleep on top of Devil’s Mountain in the Amazon on its new bedding concept – Sweet Bed by ibisTM according to hoteliermiddleeast.

As a way of demonstrating the  bed’s comfort, Accor tasked a team of adventurers led by Aaron Chervenak and his friend Gareth Jones to sleep where no-one has ever dared to sleep before; on top of the 2810 metre high Mount Roraima, Brazil in the Amazonian jungle.

Accor spokesperson Lara Faguais said: «The ibis network makes the following promise to its customers: now, the best place to sleep is everywhere! This digital experience was implemented with the desire of being bold and decidedly modern to bring ibis where no one expects it.”
Established in 1974, today ibis is one of the worldwide leaders in economy hotels, with 1,000 hotels and over 124,000 rooms in 59 countries.


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