Chalkidiki Green Olives and The Wolf of the Wall Street

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The wolf of the wall street 1The wolf of the wall street 0

It is fine Chalkidiki Green Olives that are served on the table of Leonardo di Caprio and Matthew McConaughey during their introductory lunch meeting (The Wolf of Wall Street). The Chalkidiki are offered by the experienced broker (Matthew McConaughey) to the rookie of the Wall Street (Leonardo di Caprio) to accompany his drink. Di Caprio, incredibly excited being part of the Wall Street family, expresses a tasteful enthusiasm while eating the famous Chalkidiki Green Olives.

The olives’ firm flesh together with their rich flavour make Chalkidiki Green Olives a protagonist on your table.  Try Inolivia Chalkidiki Green Olives in exceptional culinary combinations with unexpected fillings to make your table unique.



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