Extra Virgin Olive Oil Armonia at Fortnum & Mason!!!


Keep on going Extra Virgin Olive Oil Armonia!!!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Armonia, grown at the Sakellaropoulos olive groves in Laconia, Greece, was chosen by the highly selective London store Fortnum & Mason to be one of the few on its shelves. The selection procedure involves a blind tasting of hundreds of olive oils from around the world, by experts, in order to select the 15 olive oils that will be available in the historic delicatessen for its elite clientele.

Armonia is derived from a special variety of olives, called koroneiki, organically grown and combines mature and semi-mature fruit; it is collected and sorted by hand and oil extraction is held at 21-23 degrees. Then, a 3-month natural sedimentation follows.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Armonia also won the Silver Medal Award at the 18th International Organic Olive Oil Competition BIOL International 2013 that took place in Andria, Italy, in March 2013.
Source: Greek News Agenda


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