Gordon Ramsay seeks Brit-owned restaurants in Greece

 Οne of the best promotions of Greece and thus worldwide… What ‘s your opinion?

World famous Gordeon Ramsay, celebrity chef, restaurateur and television personality is coming to Greece according to keeptalkinggreece ! And he is looking to help Brit-owned restaurants benefit from his expertise. KTG received the following press release by Ramsey’s producers with the request to help spread the world.

Gordon Ramsay-2


 Optomen Television, the BAFTA-winning producers of Channel 4’s Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, is producing a brand new series to be set in Greece.

The show’s producers are currently looking for restaurants, hotels and B&B’s in Greece who would like some help from the World’s most famous chef.

Series Producer Nicola Lloyd says “This series will see Gordon travel to Europe’s holiday hotspots to help Brit-owned restaurants, hotels and B&Bs that are struggling to make ends meet.  We’d love to hear from any owners, managers or head chefs who feel they could benefit from Gordon’s help and advice”

The series will be filmed during May and June and will be broadcast on Channel 4 later in the year.

If you’d like some help from multi-Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay then please email

restaurants@onepotatotwopotato.tv or call +44(0)203 227 5867or call +44(0)203 227 5867


So if you are a Briton and own a restaurant, a hotel or a B&B in Greece or you know somebody who owns a restaurant that need famous help, do not hesitate to contact Gordon Ramsey’s producers in the links above.



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