The Athens & Epidaurus Festival returns this summer to highlight artistic creation taking the form of a major cultural celebration through unique theatre, music, dance performances as well as visual arts events.

Domestic productions of Greek and international repertoire, by renowned as well as young directors, together with productions from abroad constitute the festival’s theatrical suggestions for this year. Additionally, there is a special undertaking: ancient theatres all over the country ‘rebirth’ by hosting a unique production, which debuted last year.
This year’s music programme includes our national ensembles, well-known artists who have marked the history of Greek song as well as a musical fairytale for children for the first time.

As far as dance is concerned, this year’s festival puts an emphasis on the extended geography of contemporary dance, through the presence of dance exponents from distant countries. Also, together with the participation of artists who have left their mark on dance history there is also a focus on hybrid approaches to the dancing body interacting with various forms of art.

The visual arts have already become an integral part of the Festival. This year, four different actions will take place; a photography exhibition, lectures, an installation, and the Greek participation in the 55th Venice Biennale.

Enjoy a unique summer journey to culture through the upcoming events of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2014.



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