Panos Paleologos first in election for the new Board of Directors for ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’

HotelBrain is pleased to announce the re-election of its President and Founder, Mr. Panos Paleologos, as a member of the board of Directors of the world recognized, independent group ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World.’




The result of this election shows a great degree of recognition for Mr. Paleologos, who managed to gather the majority of votes when compared with the other 3 candidates (33% of the total votes, with a difference of 10% more than the second placed candidate). These votes were cast by more than 300 hotels-members of the ‘Small LuxuryHotels of the World’, across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Therefore, Mr. Paleologos will represent all the hotels of the aforementioned areas (EMEA) on the board of Directors of the ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’, for the second three-year period in arow.

Mr. Paleologos and HotelBrain would like to sincerely thank all people that supported his candidacy once again.



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