strikes gold at the Ermis Awards

Marketing Greece’s digital platform earns two awards from the Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies

Marketing Greece’s digital platform won major awards in two categories at the annual Ermis Awards, held before two days in Athens.

Organised annually by the Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies (EDEE/HACA), the awards embody the pinnacle of achievement for Greece’s marketing and communications industry.

The two distinctions – a gold award in the websites category and a silver award in the mobile sites and applications category, recognise Marketing Greece’s coordinated effort to create a visually attractive, technologically-advanced digital travel platform which meets the highest global standards.

Referring to the awards, Marketing Greece Managing Director Iossif Parsalis stated: “Today’s awards are the result of hard work on the part of Marketing Greece, in collaboration with Linakis Digital, and makes us all very happy and proud of a world-class platform which presents Greece in a unique fashion. We hope that all the Greeks who visit the site feel the same way: proud of and moved by the beauty of our country, and a platform that brings it to life. The bar has been set even higher, and we are planning a series of changes and additions as part of our goal to present Greece, as a travel destination, in the most comprehensive way. is Greece’s portal and open to each small business, destination and idea which contributes to the promotion of our country.”

During the course of the platform’s development, the Marketing Greece team focused on showcasing Greek destinations and themed sections in a way that excites visitors and invites them to discover the beauty of Greece in person.

Within a period of nine months, more than 1.6 million visitors from around the world have browsed the pages of and taken the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Greek destinations via a captivating world of photographs and information conveyed through 60 videos, more than 3,000 images and 130,000 words of content in five languages (Greek, English, French, German and Russian).

The digital community numbers over 300,000 members and supporters with whom there is daily dialogue and interaction. For 2015, the plan is to implement one campaign each month with the aim of revealing the Greece that is lesser known, that is, those destinations that are not as familiar, along with small tourism enterprises.


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