The Macedonian Hotels in the Hall of Fame


All Macedonian hotels have been awarded for 5 years in a raw with Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. This distinction has led the way to the Hall of Fame with City Hotel, The Excelsior and Eagles Palace receiving the Excellence Hall of Fame Award during their 5th year anniversary celebration.

macedonian hotels
The Hall of Fame Award is an award of high importance as it is granted by travelers themselves to hotels that are continuously maintaining hospitality excellence.
The Macedonian Hotels Group consists of three hotels, each of which has its own unique style and character.

City Hotel, situated in Thessaloniki center, is a unique 4 star hotel known for its contemporary urban nature design. Its rooms and suites in Thessaloniki are brilliantly decorated with the elements of nature, allowing guests to unwind in a green oasis of relaxation. Release your senses at the Spa of City Hotel and enjoy the most soothing treatments from Apivita that will turn your stay in the city into an unforgettable holiday experience.

city hotel thessaloniki
The Excelsior luxury boutique hotel in Thessaloniki combines modern and traditional characteristics that lure guests to explore the grandeur of the past and present. The Excelsior is considered a No1 choice out of 67 hotels in Thessaloniki by travelers. Regarded as the best choice for business events and corporate meetings due to the high quality services provided, The Excelsior is bound to turn any meeting into a great success. Excelsior’s newest asset is the American style restaurant be* which serves delicious contemporary dishes along with special cocktails, a new addition that will twist and turn your holiday experience in Thessaloniki.

the excelsior
At the village of Ouranoupolis in Halkidiki, or else “City of Heaven”, you will find Eagles Palace. Known as one of the most exceptional hotels in Halkidiki, Eagles Palace uniqueness lays on the fact that it is surrounded by an amazing natural setting and can offer a wide variety of experiences. The ideal place to organize your wedding ceremony at the small chapel of the hotel and a fairy wedding reception by the beach.

eagles palace

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